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Family Rooms Provide Entertainment, Enjoyment, and Comfort
The Ultimate Family Gathering Spot

Looking for ways to expand your home and create more space for your growing family? Adding a family room is a great option. For many people, a family room is the ideal place to go to entertain, relax, and spend quality time together. Here are a few things you should consider when planning to add a family room to an existing home.

Decide Your Room's Purpose

Before you begin your project, sit down and envision what you want for the new space. What kind of activities will happen there? Do you want it to be a cozy area for movie nights or would you rather it be large enough to handle birthday parties and game nights? Figure out what will happen in the space and you'll have a clear picture of how to design it.

Find the Right Location

Do you already have a room in your home that could be converted into a family room? If so, you're about 70 percent of the way there. If not, you'll want to analyze your home to figure out where an extension would make the most sense. The current structure of your home and property will impact your choices. You should also consider accessibility when deciding where to add your family room.

Plan the Details

Now that you've made the decision to add a family room, you need to plan all the details involved with construction. In addition to figuring out how to expand your heating, cooling, and electrical systems, you'll also need to make design decisions. The design of your family room should complement the rest of your home. Using free room planner design software can make the designing process much easier.

Add Sufficient Lighting

Family rooms are often dark and dungeon-like. Keep this from happening to your new family room by installing sufficient lighting. Light doesn't need to come solely from lamps and light fixtures. You can let in lots of natural light by installing strategically-placed windows as well. If the room is going to double as a movie theater, install blackout curtains over the windows to block out light when necessary.